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Get Ridiculously Fit Without Living In The Gym Or Slaving In The Kitchen.

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Brad GouthroFrom the Live Lean Studios in Los Angeles, California

Brad & Jessica Gouthro, #1 Experts in Living Lean

You've been told the same cliche fitness advice countless times:

The only way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more.

The huge issue we have with this (and I'm sure you do too) is:

"Ain't nobody want to live like that!"

And that's where we come in.

As busy professionals, we get it. We understand you’re busy trying to balance your job, relationships, and taking care of other people.

That's why we teach people just like you how to Live Lean 365 days a year, without dedicating your life to the gym or slaving in the kitchen.

And this is where most fitness and nutrition programs go wrong. They require too much of your time and are unrealistic for a busy person like you. You deserve to eat delicious meals, not boring bland chicken and rice. When you're Living Lean, you'll never sacrifice taste for results. 

You've probably also heard that it's impossible to maintain abs all year around. We're living proof that it's possible. That's right. No fat puffy off season for us and soon there won't be for you either. Once you're Living Lean you'll actually be excited to strip down to your bathing suit and post a selfie rocking your abs any day of the year.

Living with abs 365 days a year IS POSSIBLE!

This will be an important mindset shift that will change your life.

Once we figured out the secret how to rock abs all year round, we began to teach others to do the same. It then became clear that we needed to build a Team, where like-minded people could hang out and support each other.

We do the thinking and planning for you so you can spend more time doing what's important - enjoying your lean sexy body.


Unlock our 14 Day Rapid Shred Training Program & Meal Plan When You Join!


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Check Out The 4 Week Training Programs Our Members Are Using To Transform Their Bodies...

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Start Living Lean without the kitchen confusion and gym rat commitment.

No boring tupperware full of white rice, steamed asparagus, and bland chicken. Ew boiled chicken. That's not how we roll.

Here's A Small Taste Of Over 125 Delicious Video Cooking Lessons That You'll Get Instant Access To...

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These Live Leaners Continue To Do It.

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It's Our Intention To Deliver At Least 10x MORE VALUE Than This Small Investment In Your Health.

Look at it this way, if you were to work with us in the gym you would be investing more than $100 per session. At 3 times per week, that's $300 per week or $1200 per month!

The money you'll save is friggin' ridiculous!

By joining us, all your workouts and all your meals are already planned for you. No more guess work. 

Lets do this. We'd be honored to have you on our Team.

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You've Have Questions, We've Have Answers:

Q: Who is Team Live Lean recommended for?

A: Team Live Lean is designed for the busy person who wants to look and feel their best but not be a slave in the gym or the kitchen. We take classic workouts and recipes and simplify them for you so you can enjoy optimal health and leanness without the struggle of choosing what to eat or how to train. If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for your workout and nutritional guidance this is the right place for you. Team Live Lean is NOT suitable for people who want to eat out every day, or those that don't have access to a kitchen. It is also not recommended for those with extreme injuries or who are lazy non-action takers.

Q: Why is Team Live Lean better than other fitness clubs?

A: Team Live Lean is the BEST because Brad and Jess are world class certified trainers that understand the needs of busy professionals. They are both passionate about making health and fitness accessible and affordable for everyone. You can tell by the success of their programs that they know what they are doing as thousands of Live Leaners across the globe share success stories.

Q: What do I do next after I finish all the workout programs in Team Live Lean?

A: Not to worry, as the months go on we will keep adding new workout programs. You will never get bored with these workout because fresh brand new, never before seen workout plans are added all the time. That's the beauty of joining an active team like this one, we will be progressing and advancing along with you.

Q: Can I still do these workouts if I don't go to a gym or don't have access to equipment?

A: Yes! You can do any and all of these workouts without equipment, the movements are effective with or without resistance, AND some of our team plans are designed as bodyweight only, and many of them include bodyweight only exercises. Many of our members workout in their home gyms, with just a few pieces of equipment like a swiss ball and sets of dumbbells. We do recommend training at a fully equipped gym but there's still so much you can accomplish without any equipment at all.

Q: What if I don't know how to do the exercises in the programs?

A: We have a very large exercise video database to help you learn all the exercises we recommend. Just open the exercise video database page inside the site and search by name of exercise.

Q: What if I can't find the ingredients for the recipes?

A: We focus on simple recipes using common ingredients that most people all around the world will have access to. Don't worry though, if we use something that you cannot find you can leave it out or substitute another ingredient. Feel free to ask us questions in the community forum if you need help finding substitutions for certain ingredients.

Q: I'm very busy and I don't have an hour per day to commit to working out, are there any workouts I can do that will take less than 30 minutes?

A: Yes! Many of our Team workouts are designed to be less than 30 minutes per day. You can also shorten any of the workouts by omitting one or two of the exercises or one or two of the sets. You will still get great results by committing to at least 1 short workout per day.

Q: I'm not very self-motivated, will there be anybody telling me what to do everyday?

A: Motivation gets stronger with practice and we, along with all the other supportive and like-minded Team Live Lean members, will always be here for you in the community forum when you need words of encouragement.

Q: What if I'm over 40/50/60 years old, can I still do these workouts?

A: Yes! No problem. We have members of many ages, and there is no limit on living lean. These workouts are designed for anyone from age 10 to 90, if you need to modify any of the movements please do so, and as always focus on good form before increasing intensity.

Q: Are these workouts okay for me if I have injuries?

A: Yes, these workouts are approved for most common injuries. If you have a severe injury we recommend getting approval from your doctor before beginning any exercise routine. Otherwise, feel free to ask us questions in the community forum if you need help finding substitutions

Q: What if I've never worked out before? Are these workouts good for beginners?

A: Not a problem. Many of our members have done their first workouts with us. We encourage beginners to get started with our Team workout programs. These workouts are perfect for beginners because they are simple, short and easy to follow because of the illustrations and simple design.

Q: What if I don't like to cook? Can I still use the nutrition plans?

A: If you don't like to cook we encourage you to think about why you don't like to cook. Cooking is a learned skill that improves with practice and just because you have not enjoyed it in the past doesn't mean you might not start to enjoy it in the future. Learning to cook is one of the best self-improvement habits you can work on. Our cooking lesson videos are very easy to follow and designed to make cooking painless and fun for you. And if you really still can't stand to cook then yes you can still follow the meal plans by ordering strategically from your local restaurants, or if you can afford it, hire a chef and have them prepare these meals for you.

Q: What if I am very over-weight, will these workouts still work for me?

A: Yes, the workouts provided here in Team Live Lean are all basic and safe movements that are good for people of any type. If you are very over-weight you'll want to start slowly and pace yourself with the workouts while focusing your attention heavily on your nutrition and portion control. Make sure to get in regular walks and when you use the workout plans take your time and be especially aware when doing squats and lunges or any other movements that may put tension on your knees.

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